Delivering the unexpected 


We go the extra mile, even crossing continents, to find products that meet your unique design requirements. With no ties to a single line or brand, we often find products and suppliers you’ve never heard of. There’s more choice, less stress and a finished design that delivers.


we discover.

We discover everything there is to know about your needs before our search for the right solutions begins. We listen, gain all the valuable information and immerse ourselves in every aspect of the project.

we explore.

With all the necessary information, we begin to explore solutions from a variety of suppliers, always thinking about aesthetics and budget.

we execute.

Conceptually driven, we pride ourselves on seamless execution. We carefully manage the logistics of the project, ensuring everything is delivered, stored and installed, as planned. From the big ideas to the smallest details, we’re meticulous in how we plan, procure and produce solutions.

we support.

We’re a proactive partner that solves problems before they happen. Working closely with suppliers, we ensure everything is taken care of –even after installation. With ongoing support, you have less to worry about and more time to oversee your project.

Our Clients

These chieftains of the Industry not only trust us, they trust us with the integrity of their brand.